Whistleblower Channel

Tramontina has been part of people’s lives for over a century, and throughout its history, it has built a relationship of trust with its audiences. The best practices are part of the company’s day-to-day activities to ensure a healthy work environment, with integrity and free from irregularities. Tramontina’s Whistleblower Channel is another space that we make available to employees and business partners to strengthen our essence, care for people and keep the business sustainable.

How does Tramontina’s
Whistleblower Channel work?

The Whistleblower Channel reinforces our culture of trust. It is a space managed by Contato Seguro, an independent and totally impartial company, which guarantees the secrecy and confidentiality of reports.

In this channel, you will be able to report any irregularity or attitude that goes against our values, norms of the Tramontina Conduct Manual and the law.

What are considered irregularities?

Actions and omissions contrary to the law, internal regulations and guidelines in the Conduct Manual that could cause damage to Tramontina, its employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

What cases can be reported on the Whistleblower Channel?

Any behavior or irregularities that you perceive to be inconsistent attitudes in employees, third parties and business partners can and should be reported.

All situations that do not comply with the law or with Tramontina’s ethical principles and values must be reported in this Whistleblower Channel. See some examples:

  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Robbery, theft and misappropriation of goods
  • Threats
  • Conflict of interests
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Safety, health and environment
  • Other irregularities
How to submit a report?

The report can be submitted in two ways:


Use the menu below to file or
track your report.


Call toll free (within Brazilian territory)
0800 517 0016


The Whistleblower Channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All information is received by Contato Seguro, an external, independent company specialized in receiving reports.

Calls: are answered by specialists trained to get as much information as possible about the reported complaint, without compromising the anonymity and security of the source.

Security: the phone number from which the call originates and/or your computer’s IP address will not be identified and shared under any circumstances.

Forwarding: after registering the report, Contato Seguro will forward the information, with guaranteed anonymity, to the Tramontina Ethics Committee, responsible for investigating the facts.

Privacy Policy: Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data (such as health status, racial and ethnic origin, religious and political affiliation, among others) eventually collected in your report will be used solely for handling and checking the reported facts. In this sense, as the fields on the form for submitting the report are at your discretion, we advise that only Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data indispensable for handling the report should be entered.

Governance Instrument: Tramontina Conduct Manual link.