Questions Answers
Do I need evidence to file my report? No. Upon receipt of your complaint, the case will be forwarded to an Internal Committee, which will begin the process of analysis and investigation. Measures shall be taken only in cases where the misconduct is found.
Where do the reports of a complaint go?
Who can access them?
The reports go directly to Contato Seguro's secure server, to prevent any breach of security. Complaints are made available only to Committees authorized by Fadel's Management to deal with each case. Each report recipient has signed a Confidentiality Agreement to keep the report and investigation confidential. Under no circumstances will the parties involved in the complaint be notified or will have access to the content of the complaint.
What if I remember more information after I submit the report? Or if the company has more questions about my report? You need to have the protocol number in hand and contact Contato Seguro again through the publicized means of communication.
Can I be punished for making a report? No. Fadel prohibits any retaliation against anyone who uses the Whistleblower Channel, that is, if the whistleblower is demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, intimidated, dismissed or retaliated against in any way. If you have suffered any retaliation, use the Channel again to report what happened.

Doubts or request for guidance

In case of doubts or requests for guidance on the Channel of Complaint, Code of Conduct, internal rules and policies of Fadel and companies in the Group, you can contact the Transparent Line, by calling 0800 726 7250 (from 8:00 am to 5:48 pm).