Copel’s Reporting Channel

Contato Seguro

Copel’s Reporting Channel

Copel's Reporting Channel is a safe tool to register questions or complaints about fraud or irregularities that may result in losses for the company, or when there are breaches of legal and regulatory provisions of the Code of Conduct and Copel's internal rules. Reports are absolutely confidential.

You can file
complaints about:

  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Conflict of interest
  • Corruption
  • Destruction of or damage to company assets
  • Misconduct
  • Favoritism
  • Fraud or theft of goods and / or cash
  • Irregularities in financial statements and / or management reports
  • Environment
  • Non-compliance with internal policies and / or procedures
  • Misuse of Copel's resources
  • Leakage or misuse of information
  • Law violation
  • Other offenses

What are

Complaints are reports with indication of crimes or violations of the Code of Conduct, internal regulations and current legislation, such as corruption, money laundering, harassment, among other illegal acts and misconduct that may be related to Copel's activities.

How to make
your report/complaint


Access complaint form


Call toll-free 0800 643 5665.

The channel is available 24/7. Calls are answered by specialized staff. If preferable, you can report anonymously.

Under no circumstances will the location or telephone number used to register be identified.

All information will be hosted by Contato Seguro, an external, independent company, specialized in receiving reports/complaints.