Make here your Complaint

Employees and workers who file allegations or suggestions will not be identified under any circumstance. Anonymity and secrecy will always be guaranteed, whether the allegation made is confirmed or not.

The computer IP address of users accessing the system via Internet is not shared, nor are telephone calls to the system tracked in any way.

After recording the suggestion or allegation, Contato Seguro will submit the information to a specific committee consisting of employees and workers from the contracting organization for its analysis and investigation, even those that refer to the highest ranking people in the organization. This committee will be responsible for the investigation and collection of proof and evidence, as well as taking measures they deem to be appropriate.

All allegations and suggestions are given a protocol number, through which users can later add to their record or anonymously monitor the progress. This protocol number also makes it possible for the organization and user to engage in dialogue through questions and answers, always preserving anonymity.

Fill in the fields below completely and with as much detail as you can. If you do not know how or do not wish to fill in any of the fields, leave it blank. But remember: The more detailed your allegation, the greater the chances the fact will be identified and solved.

By completing the form, you agree to Contato Seguro to save and send the information you provide to the contracting company / organization for your services, enabling action to be taken from reviewing the content of your responses. For more information on data protection and user rights, please visit this link.