Petrobras Denouncement Channel

Can the denouncement be anonymous?

The ones related to Fraud, Corruption and Money Laundering.

When choosing anonymity it is important not to give details that may reveal your identity.


Unlike fraud and corruption denouncements, which generally allow an investigation based on objective evidences, in order to investigate behavioral issues (such as: moral and sexual harassment, discrimination or physical and psychological violence) it is necessary specific information, such as:

  • identification of the reported person,
  • concrete situations (detailed report of the episodes and how they occurred)
  • dates.
  • places where the incidents occurred.
  • names of occasional witnesses.

The absence of objective facts and the presentation of brief, generic and full of value judgment reports compromise the investigation and therefore its results.

It is important to clarify that although this kind of denouncement can be registered anonymously, the Petrobras General Ombudsman Office recommends the identification and the contact information of the demander, so you can delve into the details of the report and assure greater possibilities of a good treatment.

In this regard, the General Ombudsman Office confirms its commitment to confidentiality and not to treat any identified denouncement with the areas responsible for investigation without the demander's consent.