Welcome to our
Corporate Ethics Channel

Here you can make your report responsibly, anonymously and safely

What can I report on the channel?

You can and should report any behavior that you perceive to be an inconsistent attitude towards what is expected from employees, third parties and business partners. All situations that are not in accordance with the laws or with the ethical principles and values ​​of our company must be reported as well.

See some examples: fraud, waste of resources, disclosure of confidential matters, discrimination, moral coercion, sexual harassment, abuse of power, aggression, etc.

How do I report a case?

The Corporate Ethics Channel is managed by an independent and totally impartial company called Contato Seguro. When suspecting or identifying any irregularity, you can make a report by visiting the website www.contatoseguro.com.br/irbre or by calling:

Brazil: 0800 900 9992
Argentina: 0800 345 8149
London: 0800 069 8737
USA: 1 (800) 763 1384

The call is free.

The channel operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its reports are received by specialists from Contato Seguro who are responsible for referring them for analysis, investigation and resolution.

When making a report, you are given a protocol number, through which you can monitor the progress and resolution of your report.

Will I be identified?

No. You decide whether you want to identify yourself or not, either by phone or on the website form. The reports are made through an independent company, totally exempt and with specialized service, without compromising your anonymity. The company works with high data protection. If you choose to send information anonymously, under no circumstances will your phone number or your computer's IP address be identified.

Who is responsable for the support?

The service is provided by a specialized and outsourced company - Contato Seguro - which has its own team of highly qualified professionals to receive your reports. The attendants have no relationship whatsoever with IRB Brasil RE and are totally exempt from the content that will be reported.

Your IP is completely protected and under no circumstances will IRB Brasil RE or the Ethics Committee be able to find out who made any anonymous report through Contato Seguro. You are also not at any risk of having your voice or situation identified, revealed or even leaked by anyone. Your data will only be identified if you choose to do so.

Do I need to have evidence?

No. After Contato Seguro receives a report, the case is forwarded to the Ethics Committee, which will begin the analysis, seeking all the necessary information to give the correct referral to the complaint. Provisions will only be taken in cases where the wrong conduct is found.

If you have any proof, the Contato Seguro system allows you to attach any type of file, photo, video, audio, etc. Even if you make the report over the phone, the clerk will explain how to attach your evidence.

How do I track my report?

When making a report, you will receive a protocol number that can be used to monitor the progress of the process. To do so, you must access the website www.contatoseguro.com.br/en/irbre and choose the option "Follow your report".

If you make a report via phone, the ombudsman will inform you of the protocol number. We recommend that you write it down and follow up periodically to check the progress of the process. Eventually, the Ethics Committee may ask for more information through messages that can only be accessed with this protocol and your contribution will be extremely important. Stay tuned and continue helping our company.

What are the benefits?

With the support of the Corporate Ethics Channel, our company promotes a culture of transparency, ethics and integrity. In addition, the channel inhibits conduct contrary to the company's principles and values ​​and, as a result, we maintain a better working environment free from irregularities.

Why does the company need a Corporate Ethics Channel?

The Corporate Ethics Channel is important for employees, suppliers, third parties and business partners to report on illegal acts, violations of ethical principles, atypical standards of behavior, violations of current policies and legislation, as well as violations of the Code of Ethics and Company conduct.

What can happen if a report is false or ill-intentioned?

Making of a false or ill-intentioned report may result in application of disciplinary measures and / or legal consequences.